9/21/12 The Saltmine Studio Oasis Named the Top Recording Destination in the United States

CBS Moneywatch Names The Saltmine Studio Oasis as the Top Recording Destination in the United States

Mahvrick Networks executive Richard Victor Mahee met with Don Salter (owner/manager) and Justin Salter (Musician/Engineer) while visiting The Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa, Az. During his stay at the “Recording Oasis”, Mahvrick sat down with DRE Entertainment CEO, Dre Smith while Juice McCain’s private recording session for his debut album. Juice McCain’s album features Game, Shine and overseen by Mike Lynn. He is in negotiations with Pink, Chris Brown and Scarface for features on the project.

Mahvrick created a criteria for the Major Label News Top Recording Destination in the World. The decision was based on: Sound, Equipment, Location, ambiance, hospitality, ownership, in-house production, staff, reputation and client list.

The Saltmine Studio Oasis is a private, secure, artists dream come true for those seeking a unique recording experience. This complex has five separate recording facilities that has everything from a 50-channel vintage Neve tracking room (Studio A) to a classic SSL 6064 E/G+ (Studio B). Clients include: Lil Wayne, G-Unit, DMX (who September 11th had a world wide release of his highly anticipated album ” Undisputed ” which has been in the works at The Saltmine for several years) others clients include: Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eve, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Timbaland, Bret Michaels, Young MC, Ne-Yo, Meat Puppets, Jonas Brothers, Soulfly, Styx, Cassidy, Swizz Beatz, Hi-Tek, Ice T, Ministry, Megadeth, Sevendust, Uncle Kracker, Sheryl Crow, Mudvayne, Nonpoint, Crossbreed, Royce da 5’9, DMC, Mike Jones, Jim Jones, Cory Gunz, Goose, Fieldy, Next, Jonathan Davis, Sunny Ledfurd, MCA Records, J Records, and Interscope Records.

For the more modern approach, there is Pro Tools everywhere and HD-3 in all three large studios. The Saltmine recently added their fifth room which they call “The Bungalow.” The Bungalow is a “live-in” overdub room/patio home. This 1,300 square foot bungalow will house five people comfortably including a master bedroom suite, bunkroom with three beds, kitchen, lounge and two bathrooms along with a great overdub space with Pro Tools and monitors. So, if you have a great idea in the middle of the night, you don’t have to wait to next morning record it. The Bungalow also has a private yard if an artist wants to bring their pet. Studio D known as “The Villa” has a similar setup anchored by previous owner David Foster’s SSL 4056 G that was installed at The Saltmine by the Desk Doctor. This studio is coupled with its own living space, private bedroom, kitchen and rehearsal area complete with JBL PA system, large mirrors and kickback space.

6/21/11 Anna Graceman to appear on AGT!

Saltmine Studios Looks Forward to Graceman’s Appearance on America’s Got Talent!

Tonight marks a special night for Arizona-based Saltmine Studios, as its very own Anna Graceman will be featured on the popular television show, America’s Got Talent.

Saltmine Studios has been working with the 11-year-old Alaskan native for seven months, and owner Don Salter says he was blown away when he heard the girl’s voice for the first time.

“We have gotten a ‘history is watching us’ feeling after being trusted to work with this young star,” commented Salter. “She has undoubtedly captured the love and amazements of everyone she meets, and we are excited to see what happens next with America’s Got Talent.

Saltmine Studios has worked with Graceman on not only recording audio tracks, but has helped the singer produce music videos as well. Graceman’s music video for her song, “Superstar,” which was produced by Saltmine and Translight Pictures, has logged over 250,000 views on YouTube thus far.

Graceman started singing a melody of songs when she was only 18 months old. She began performing at age two, and started playing the piano at age four.

The musical phenom wrote her first song, “So I Cried,” as a six-year-old first-grader. She has now written a total of 35 songs, both lyrical and instrumental, that have been released in various forms.

“It’s amazing to be a part, and on the front row of, what we think is a miracle in process,” Salter said.

Saltmine Studios is a classic and modern recording studio in Mesa, Arizona, where it has been at its current location since 2003. The oasis houses five studio environments, and has been home to celebrity clients such as Alicia Keys and Trisha Yearwood. Clients have access to in-house engineers and producers, but the studio accepts outside producers and engineers as well.

America’s Got Talent airs tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. EST.

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