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The Staff


The Saltmine Staff (Audio Team)

Don Salter

John Gray
Senior/Mastering Engineer

Kyle Colley
Senior Engineer


Andre Nelson

The Saltmine Studios’ talented production team can help you take your music to the next level. We have an excellent staff of producers with over 50 years of combined experience in the music industry available to you. Although our engineers will always offer helpful input and opinions when welcome to assist in your creative process, you may wish to hire one of us as your dedicated producer. The Saltmine’s engineers are all talented musicians and for a nominal fee we can play on your songs, or if you prefer we can introduce you to The Valley’s most talented studio musicians available for hire.A dedicated producer will help you realize your creative vision while making efficient use of studio time and maintaining the quality suitable for today’s music industry standards. Although many artists feel it’s most appropriate for them to produce themselves, they soon realize it’s much easier on the creative mind to leave some of the decision making up to someone more experienced in the studio to guide them on the path that’s best for them.

Some artists fear that hiring a producer will cause their music to take a different direction or cause them to lose control of their vision. However, our ideas as producers are to make your music something you can be proud of for the rest of your life, and hopefully attain widespread acceptance and success. Producer rates are determined on a per-project basis depending on your needs and budget. National and local independent producers are available as well. Although we are all musicians and composers at heart, we love it when we can assist you with your creative process, in a way that makes it better than anyone could have made it alone.

If you are interested in music tracks, especially for Pop, R&B and Hip Hop, we can provide you with the hottest producers in the business, from Swizz Beatz, Deezel, Che Vicious, Dame Grease, P-Killer tracks or our own staff of independent producers on the rise.

Contact Don Salter at 480-220-4007 for more information.


The Saltmine Staff (Video Team)

Freddie Paull
Head of Production

Chase T. Pierson

Zachary Slager
Production Manager
Line Producer

Mark Gabriel
Post-Production Supervisor
Graphic Artist

In addition to offering the best in audio production, The Saltmine offers competitively priced, professional HD video services. Our video experts cater to all genres of music. Whether the style is Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Rock & Roll, or something completely different we can provide in-the-studio coverage, EPKs, and music videos!If you’re looking for affordable, engaging, and innovative video work, we are here to fulfill all your production needs. Our iconoclastic approach to visual creativity has landed us in over a hundred publications including Time Magazine, NPR, Phoenix New Times, and The Guardian. As of 2012, our music videos have been viewed in every country in the world, and acclaimed by artists such as Edward Sharpe, Dr. Dog, and Warpaint.

Our on-site team consists of: Freddie Paull (Head of Production/Director), Chase T. Pierson (Producer/Writer), Zachary Slager (Production Manager/Line Producer), and Mark Gabriel (Post-Production Supervisor, Graphic Artist). This young and experienced team is a collective of local visual artists who have made a splash in the valley with their edgy and prolific creations.

If you are interested in the best, professional grade, HD video to compliment your music, you’re in good hands. Contact Don Salter at 480-220-4007 for more information.


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