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Tour The Studios

Studio A: The Tracking Studio

48 Channels of 70’s Vintage Custom Neve (1081 type pre/EQ), Neve 1073 pair, 2 API Lunchboxes, Pro-Tools 10 HDX 32-bit with Avid 16 x 16 HDX interfaces, Waves Platinum, 5 Iso Rooms, 200+ Mics, a Cathedral Drum Room with Yamaha C7 Studio Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, and DW 6 piece drum kit with many awesome snares and Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian cymbals.

Studio B: The Mixing Studio

Fully restored SSL 6064 E G+ TR formerly owned by Mixer extrordinaire Ben Grosse with Pro-Tools 10 HDX 32-bit with Avid 16 x 16 HDX interfaces and Apogee Big Ben clock, DA-16, Rosetta 200, 4 Pultec EQ’s – 6 Distressors – Lexicon 480L- AMS RMX 16 Reverb – Mercury + Waves bundle & Studio Classics Vocal Booth, Sony C-800, Neumann 149, C-12VR, Westlake Monitors with dual 18″ Subwoofers, Bryston Amps and Crossovers, and an ATR Master Recorder (1 inch).

Studio C: the Production Studio

Mackie D8-B / Pro-tools LE 003 Expanded, Production Studio with Iso booth. Lots of Keyboards including Triton, Virus, Fantom, Motif, Nord Lead etc., MPC 2000XL, and MPC-3000 Roger Linn etc.

Studio D: the Villa Studio

SSL 4056 G G+ TR Console formerly owned by producer David Foster, Pro-Tools 10 HDX 32-bit with Avid 16 x 16 HDX interfaces and Waves Gold, Neve Mic Pre, 1176 Limiter, Lexicon 480L, Augspurgers Mains with dual 18″ Subwoofers, Drum room with Ayotte Drum Kit, Vocal booth, Rehearsal lounge with JBL PA system, Master Bedroom, Private Dual Shower, Kitchen, Pool table, Laundry room, and overnight accommodations are available in this suite.

| 48 South Macdonald Street Mesa, AZ 85210 | 480.892.6585