For 30 years The Saltmine Studio Oasis has created the very best in recording, mixing and mastering in Arizona, with now with 5 on-site studios here at the Oasis we are more than ready to make you happy. From Studio C our small but potent production room with Pro Tools 10 and its Avalon 737 mix pre/eq compressor & tons of waves plugins, auto tune and keyboards, beat machines at 65/hr it’s our most reasonable studio, including a Saltmine engineer to our much larger, nicer, more equipped: Studio D, The Villa - SSL4056G+ once owned by Grammy Award Winning Producer David Foster, it has ProTools HD-11 with rates at 85/hr including a more seasoned Saltmine engineer with its cool several Iso rooms, including a choice Sony C-800 Tube condenser microphone and many others, Neve 1081 mic pre’s Urei compressors to an added large Augsperger monitor system with 18” Subwoofers, a living space and purple cloth pool table with Kitchen with a bedroom and private bathroom with shower. Lastly, we have the finest 2 rooms: both Million-dollar Studios, A and B. Each with Pro Tools HD11 /an SSL 6064E G+ Mixing room (Studio B) Az’s Top Mix/overdub room, most feel is the our nicest and most gorgeous studio. Studio A though, is our world class vintage Neve Studio with its cathedral Tracking Room. This is where a live band can track simultaneously all members of the group, thru world class analog gear to 2” tape or our Pro Tools HD11-64bit System, and is our largest studio.

**These rates are for “Indie” projects that require our tightest budget considerations.**

- 65/hr for Studio C

- 85/hr for Studio D The Villa

- 100/hr for Studio B Mix room

- 100/hr for Studio A Tracking room

- We require a minimum 2 hour session which includes a Saltmine engineer. 

**Record Label and Commercial rates**

- $125-$150 per hour based on 10-12 hr blocks paid by P.O. by A&R Administration through direct deposit, check or wire.

To Book Saltmine Studios - please read policies found at the bottom of this page:  

Then, text and or email the following information to:

- Your Legal name

- Artist name

- Full Address

- Phone Number & Email

Tracking, Mixing & Mastering


A,B,C,D or The Bungalow and/or the Oasis Venue: 

- Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly packages w/ senior engineer/producer or assistant. 

- Two hour Minimum Required, Head Engineer is 10.00 more per hour in any quoted rate.

- “A La Carte” Recording For Independent Artists: with or without engineer, although assistant engineer will always be provided.

Complete Studio Lockout Recording: Mixing or Mastering: For Signed Artists

- “Beats” or original production recordings are for sale by various “on-site” or “off-site” independent producers. All budgets are available with lots of producers to choose from in all styles.

- Rates: Packages from 50 per hour, including production and engineering. Substantial discounts can apply with *Pre-Paid Block Purchases using Cash, Cashiers Check, Certified funds, Debit Cards or Wire Transfers

Professional Vocal tracking Per Song

- Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Tracking (including professional tuning fee)#

- 75+ Guitars, Basses, & Amps Available for Overdubs

- Vocal Tuning & Editing Per Song

- Drum and instrument Editing on a Per Song basis

- Track Drums For An Entire Album (Based on 10 Hours in Studio A or Studio D)


- Upon completion of a mix, we recommend printing all the basic “stem” versions:

- Full Mix (album version) , Instrumental, A Cappella, TV/Show Mix (aka “Karaoke Mix”) & Radio/Clean mix

- ProTools HD Only Mix (“in the box”, easiest to recall for changes but not recommended for best sound quality)

- SSL Console / HD Mix of Your Song, “the real deal!!” This is still the favorite method chosen by top mixing engineers

- ATR 1” Analog Mixdown Master Recorder – $50 Additional Service Fee per song. (Tape Saturation Per Song Included)


- We charge 125.00 for a single version or 150.00 for up to 5 versions I.e. explicit, clean, show, instrumental and acapella. 

If we Mix for you, we charge an hourly rate in either the 85/hr room or the 100/hr room till your pleased, and we love it when your present to give us feedback on your Mix. 

We would then make those other “versions” above as a pre-Mastering process on the same hourly rate from your approved Mix.

Usually, it’s less than a hour to make those versions, we suggest that we do because it’s such a cost savings compared to later when you discover that you need them later for a DJ, or Radio program or Remix.

**These are for “Indie” projects that require our tightest budget considerations.**

- 65/hr for Studio C

- 85/hr for Studio D The Villa

- 100/hr for Studio B Mix room

- 100/hr for Studio A Tracking room

- We require a minimum 2 hour session which includes a Saltmine engineer. 

Video Production: 

- Filming, editing are also available through The Saltmine Studios, contact us to discuss your needs and pricing options. 


*** Please Read and Acknowledge Before Booking with The Saltmine Studio Oasis *** 


To Book Saltmine Studios, please text and or email the following: Your Legal name / Artist name / Full Address / Email

100.00 or 25% of requested Studio-time projected cost, a non- refundable deposit to book your room and engineer. It applies to your final charges. 24 hour advance notice is required to change times or will result in lost deposit. We depend on clients coming when they say they want us and the studio, so please be courteous and abide by these policies. We always are understanding to the situations of being human, so talk to us if you feel there are extenuating circumstances. Time and clock starts when the booked time arrives. You may extend time with studio manager approval, we never want to stop a great session, but we need to see if it runs into the next session of the following artist. 

You agree to be responsible for the actions of any of your guests that are here. Any work to be performed after you leave or before you arrive are at the same rate as if you were present. Trust us- we will be fair. Emails of material needing to be sent will apply at the same rates but a minimum Help Email of Files is 25.00 or more based on how much time it takes and the emergency hours required.  

* Downtime - i.e. equipment failures, will always be noted by engineers and generously extend your contracted time. Please understand that "things happen" and we will be as professional and fair as you would expect a 30 year company to honor. Contact Don Salter for any clarifications on any policies, we want you happy!

* No underage drinking is allowed, and any Medical Cannabis will be permitted as long as it's legal and represented as allowed by Arizona Law. MMC holders  

Please send 100.00 deposit to :

A receipt will be emailed, confirming your booking.

We prefer Cash, Zelle Quick Pay Or Debit Card with PIN and other credit cards and Confirmed PayPal ( add 5% )


For booking, contact Don Salter 480-220-4007

The Saltmine Studio Oasis

48 S Macdonald, Mesa, Arizona 85210, United States

(480) 220-4007

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