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On-Site Accommodations

The Saltmine Bungalow:

is a 1300 sq ft Luxury Patio Home located adjacent to The Oasis Venue, 50 feet from 4 world class recording studios. It has its own private yard and patio, full kitchen, master bedroom and separate bunk room with 2-3 beds, 2 bathrooms and a roman tub room with shower. 4 big flat screen TV’s and several small video monitors let you keep an eye on the security cameras while enjoying your favorite HD satellite programming. Artists staying with us enjoy the use of the Oasis Venue for parking during their stay, so vehicles are secure inside the gates of our private compound.

For our clients who choose to live in the Bungalow during their time at The Saltmine, we offer the opportunity to rent equipment that will make the Bungalow its own private recording and/or rehearsal studio for an additional fee. Prices vary depending on the quality and quantity of the gear rented and the time desired. The entire Bungalow is wired for sound and currently has a 32 Channel Mackie console and patch bay ready to go. Most recently, the band Nonpoint enjoyed staying with us and did their overdubs in the Bungalow with Jeremy Parker, Chad and Greg from Mudvayne after tracking basic tracks in Studio A and finally mixing songs in Studio B.

Residential Villa:

We offer accommodations for guests of Studio D which we call “The Villa” because in addition to a world-class recording studio, it offers its own bedroom, master bathroom and fully equipped kitchen with room for a band. In addition to the master bedroom suite, bunk beds and a sleep loft are in development, so artists can stay, record and focus on their recording project without any distractions. According to those who have experienced the joys of living in The Villa for a few days, sleeping in the room next to a World Famous SSL console which mixed literally thousands of hit records when it was in David Foster’s studio in Malibu makes for some “sweet dreams!” The Villa at The Saltmine Studio Oasis offers you everything you need to make an awesome record without having to leave the building! As in the Bungalow, The Villa offers several flat screen HD satellite TV’s, and a newly added pool table has been added to complete the vibe.

Ask Don Salter to work out the details for your stay here at The Saltmine. 480-220-4007 cell / text.

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