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Services & Rates

The Saltmine Studios Offers The Following Services:

Studio rates: A,B,C,D or The Bungalow and/or the Oasis Venue- Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly packages w/ senior engineer/producer or assistant, Two hour Minimum Required, Head Engineer is 10.00 more per hour in any quoted rate.

“A La Carte” Recording For Independent Artists: with or without engineer, although assistant engineer will always be provided.


“Complete Studio Lockout” Recording, Mixing or Mastering for Signed Artists, call Don for customized quote.

“Beats” or original production recordings are for sale by various “on-site” or “off-site” independent producers. All budgets are available with lots of producers to choose from in all styles.

Rates: packages from 50 per hour, including production and engineering. Substantial discounts can apply with *Pre-Paid Block Purchases using Cash, Cashiers Check, Certified funds, Debit Cards or Wire Transfers.

Call or text for Info: Don Salter 480-220-4007

Professional Vocal tracking Per Song

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Tracking (including professional tuning fee)
75+ Guitars, Basses, & Amps Available for Overdubs
Vocal Tuning & Editing Per Song
Drum and instrument Editing on a Per Song basis
Track Drums For An Entire Album (Based on 10 Hours in Studio A or Studio D)

Mixing Options:

upon completion of a mix, we recommend printing all the basic “stem” versions:
Full Mix (album version) , Instrumental, A Cappella, TV/Show Mix (aka “Karaoke Mix”) & Radio/Clean mix

ProTools HD Only Mix (“in the box”, easiest to recall for changes but not recommended for best sound quality)

SSL Console / HD Mix of Your Song, “the real deal!!” This is still the favorite method chosen by top mixing engineers

ATR 1” Analog Mixdown Master Recorder – $50 Additional Service Fee per song. (Tape Saturation Per Song Included)

Block Discounts: (Prices Based on Studios A & B)

This requires a Prepaid Studio Block with Cash, Cashiers Check, Debit Cards, Certified funds or wire transfers.

These are discounts off the block rates which will be provided to you when you contact us for details:

– 8 Hour – $50 off.
– 12 Hour – $100 off.
– 24 Hour – $200 off.
– 7 Day Lockout (Based On 12 Hour Day) – $1200 off.
-100 Hour (Blended Rate Deal For Studio A, B, & D)- $1500 off.

**These are for “Indie” projects that require our tightest budget considerations.**

Professional Analog Mastering: All Versions Included (Full, Instrumental, A Capella, TV/Show, & Radio/Clean)


Tier 1

$150 Per Song- Flat Rate, Unattended but Guaranteed to please, with free adjustments if necessary. Includes all versions: show mix, clean or radio edit, instrumental and accapella.

Tier 2

$150 Per Hour- Attended by Client and generally can be completed for a lower price than Tier 1. Includes all versions: show mix, clean or radio edit, instrumental and accapella.

 Tier 3

$150 Per Song- Unattended, Includes ATR Tape Saturation. Also Guaranteed like Tier 1. Includes all versions: show mix, clean or radio edit, instrumental and accapella.


For booking, contact Don Salter 480-220-4007

Video filming, editing are also available through The Saltmine Studios, contact us to discuss your needs and pricing options.

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