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Welcome to Arizona’s Premier Recording Studio
The Saltmine Studio Oasis!

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An Audio Oasis in the Arizona Desert Catering to International and Independent Recording Artists

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Saltmine Recording Studio Tour from Albert Lee


More About The Saltmine Recording Studio:

The Saltmine is a unique recording studio and retreat in the Historic Arts District of Mesa, Arizona. Located In the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. It is a secure, creative wealth of indoor and outdoor space that enables the artist to focus, write, and produce while Recording, Mixing or Mastering records. We specialize in Rock, Indie Music (all Genres) Hip Hop, R&B, New Folk, Pop, Reggae, New or traditional Country, Electronic and Jazz. If it’s good, we’ll help you make it the best it can be. We cater to the finest in local and international talent, including artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Ludacris, Alicia Keys, G-Unit, DMX, Swizz Beatz, MGK, Kelly Rowland, DMC, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Jonas Brothers, Meat Puppets, Trisha Yearwood, Anna Graceman, Soulfly, Megadeth, Ministry, Sevendust and the best Arizona talent; both signed and un-signed.

Only the best gear!

Our recording studio is equipped with 5 Pro-tools recording studios, including a live-in “Bungalow” that houses the 5th Studio. With an all-discrete vintage Neve Tracking Room (Studio A) and 2 famous SSL Consoles, the SSL 6064 E/G+ in our Studio B was formerly owned by Ben Grosse of LA’s highly regarded The Mix Room, and the SSL 4056 G,G+ in our Studio D established its heritage in David Foster’s studio in Malibu. These well maintained classic mixing consoles have been the secret to the sound of countless platinum records for well over a decade. At the Saltmine, we believe in the “magic” of analog recording and mixing now more than ever. With a Studer A-827 two inch 24-Track for tracking drums, bass, and guitars, and an Ampex ATR-102 1″ Stereo Master Recorder for Mixing and Mastering, these analog tape decks add the perfect blend of fatness and warmth to melt the tracks of digital Pro-tools HD-X together for that timeless sound we all love.

After-all, we are Arizona’s Premier Recording Studio.

Recording Studio Special Rates


We got the sounds!

In addition to our unquestionably high end studio, we also offer commercial music creation services like hip hop beats, voice overs, source connect and analog phone patch. We can also produce music for film, and a host of other media services for advertising agencies, ADR, video games, short films, documentaries etc. We love being involved in Arizona’s rapidly increasing world of video and film production with our ability to record, mix, shoot and edit in all budgets and styles. On-site accommodations are now available, with “kick back” suites for overnight stays (see the accommodations page). The Saltmine is a real recording getaway, where an artist or band, can come and virtually live at the studio for any length of time while working on their project with enough support space to rest between marathon sessions.

Now celebrating over 20 years of “Ears, Gear and Atmosphere”! We now offer more services and amenities than ever! At The Saltmine, we will provide you with world class service and amenities at a price that’s far more affordable than you might think. Thank you for touring our new web site. If you have any questions regarding our services or amenities, please call or text me @ 480-220-4007 Don Salter, your audio concierge.

Special Thanks to Mix Magazine!

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| 48 South Macdonald Street Mesa, AZ 85210 | 480.892.6585