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Vibe matters. That sometimes indescribable quality that makes a recording studio unique—from the Buddha in reception to the artwork on the walls, the leather in the lounge to the instruments on display, the sound of the room to the personality of the assistant engineer—is often what makes a studio thrive. Since modern recording broke away from the radio lab, lots of people have built world-class studios. Those that last, they have a vibe. 30 years in business as a studio, changing and adapting with the times in a mid-major music market, hosting artists such as Megadeth, Lil Wayne, Soulfly, G-Unit, The Refreshments, Sevendust and Yes, among many, many others. The place has a vibe, and it starts with Don Salter. 


“We’ve created something so unique, so beyond what could ever be realistically financially duplicated in the future, that we expect to continue to be around for a long time - Our philosophy of combining vintage old-school analog classic tools with modern, new-world digital, housed in a private, vibe-rich, creative environment with a gluttonous supply of gear, tools and instruments, will always be in demand by the true artist that demands nothing less. We invite all artists and producers with any budgets in any genre to experience what The Saltmine has to offer.”  



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